Community Hall News (Big Lottery Fund!)

The Hall Committee are delighted to announce that their application for £5000 from the Big Lottery Fund was successful!  A decision has been made to buy some much needed new tables and 100 new chairs for the hall.

As well as new tables and chairs, the hall has had new lighting on the side entrance which now makes access much safer and you can actually see where you are going!  A new phone line has been installed, with broadband access, needless to say it works well and the hope is that this technological upgrade will draw more people in to use the Community Hall for events and meetings. The phone itself is only to be used in emergencies, whilst the wi-fi is freely accessible for users of the hall.

Less high tech, but equally important, David Price and Martin Jones are in the process of repairing a leaking pipe somewhere underneath the Community Hall kitchen. The leak was under the kitchen floor trebling water bills, so here’s to a dry February!

All in all, it’s clear that the committee are working very hard to ensure the hall remains a vibrant place for the whole community. Many thanks to all of them!

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